Comedy Festival looking to buy Skywhale

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Skywhale doing a tight 5 minutes
With news the Skywhale being put up for sale, we can confirm rumours that we are looking to buy the enormous multi-breasted balloon.

The Skywhale belongs in Canberra, so we are going to bring the big girl back to her home town and stick her in the Opening Night Gala. We’ll inflate her on stage inside the Canberra Theatre. She’ll lift the roof on the joint.

We will fund the purchase of Skywhale by selling tickets to comedy shows like the Umbilical Brothers, Jason Byrne, Cal Wilson, Akmal, Chopper and more. Now all these shows have a dual purpose – having a laugh and buying Skywhale. Everyone should buy lots of tickets so we can get Skywhale back.

It’s important we preserve Skywhale future generations and have more of them. If we get her, we’ll probably try and mate her with that Yoda balloon.

Fund the Save the Skywhale campaign by seeing a show.