Daily Diary Thursday March 19

Daily Diary – Thursday 19th March

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All of the events on Thursday March 19 for Canberra Comedy Festival!

John Safran – Murder in Mississippi – 7:00pm, Canberra Theatre Centre, Playhouse VERY LIMITED SEATS REMAINING

Ronny Chieng – You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About – 7:00pm, ANU Arts Centre, Theatre SOLD OUT

Sophie Rutzou – Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You – 7:00pm, The Civic Pub

Wil Sylvince – Syllables, Fat and Celibacy – 7:00pm, Canberra Theatre Centre, Courtyard Studio

Shane Dundas – Believe – 7:00pm, Teatro Vivaldi

Sean Woodland – Found My Marbles – 7:30pm, ANU Arts Centre, Drama Lab

Cam Knight – 100 Percenter – 8:15pm, The Civic Pub

Akmal Saleh – Is Lost – 8:30pm, Canberra Theatre Centre, Playhouse PREVIOUSLY SOLD OUT – EXTRA SEATS JUST RELEASED

Urzila Carlson – Poise Control – 8:30pm, Canberra Theatre Centre, Courtyard Studio PREVIOUSLY SOLD OUT – EXTRA TICKETS JUST RELEASED

RAW Comedy – ACT State Final – 8:30pm, ANU Arts Centre – Theatre

Alice Fraser – Savage – 8:30pm, Teatro Vivaldi

Josh Glass and Riley Bell – Angry Fisherman – 9:00pm, ANU Arts Centre, Drama Lab

Andrew and Danny Bensley – Brother From The Same Mother – 9:30pm, The Civic Pub SOLD OUT

Late Night Festival Club – From 10pm, Canberra Theatre Centre, Courtyard Studio. This is the place to hang with all the comedians, catch a late night line-up show and grab a drink. And best of all, entry is FREE if you show your ticket to any Comedy Festival on the same night. Non ticket holders welcome for $10 at the door.

Tonight’s Late Night Festival Club is hosted by Jacques Barrett and features Alice Fraser, Sean Woodland, James McMahon, Greg Kimball, Daniel Connell, Marty Bright, and some very Special Surprise Guests! The House Band is the Harris Stuckey Trio who will provide sweet tunes from 10pm.

See you at the Festival!