Daily Diary: Wednesday 21st March 2018

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All the events on Wednesday March 21 for the Canberra Comedy Festival!

Festival Square – Drink and Be Entertained

5:00PM, Happy Hour 5pm to 6pm

6:00pm-6:45pm – Andrew and Danny Bensley and John Farnham’s Reunion Tour (Live Podcast)
The reunion tour that no one was crying out for is FINALLY HERE – Andrew and Danny Bensley just can’t or won’t stop putting on live podcasts. This is a special once off live episode of A Shot & A Beer featuring local and international guests!

7:00pm-10:00pm – Coffo Records DJs (DJ Set)
Coffo records is a CBR local label putting out low key tunes. Keeping it simple, keeping it direct and not fussing over extraneous details is key. Putting out music for the love of music is all it’s about. Bringing fans and artist together through gigs, merch, podcasts and realesing music.

Anthony Tomic – Scenic Route – 7:00PM, The Civic Pub SOLD OUT
Second show added:
Anthony Tomic – Scenic Route – 8:45PM, Canberra Theatre Centre, Courtyard Studio

Tom Gibson – Are You For Real? – 7:00PM, The Street Theatre, Street 1

Vanessa Conlin – Vanessa The Undressa – 7:00PM, The Street Theatre, Street 2 SELLING FAST

Greg Kimball & Jez Margosis – Still Coming (Please confirm name) – 8:15PM, The Civic Pub ONLY A FEW TIX LEFT

Harris Stuckey & James McMahon – The Farewell Tour – 8:15PM, The Street Theatre, Street 2

Shit-Faced Shakespeare – Romeo & Juliet (UK) – 8:30PM, The Street Theatre, Street 1 CONTACT VENUE

Simon Taylor – Happy Times – 9:30PM, The Civic Pub

See you at the Festival!

Daily Diary Wed 21st March 2018