Peter Berner: Tight Five

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Peter Berner

Peter Berner, star of the Einstein Factor and legendary comedy series Backberner, returns to the stage for ‘As Not Seen on TV’.  You can see him at the Novotel Hotel on 7 and 8 March.  Book here.

Last week he provided a ‘Tight Five’ for Silver Sponsor OutInCanberra.  If you missed it, here it is below:

1) What can we expect from your new show for the Canberra Comedy Festival?
An epic tale of one man’s fight to rescue his family. Some adult content and cartoon violence.

2) What is the best/worst heckle you’ve ever received?
‘What the hell’s that got to do with nuclear fusion?’ I reacted badly. Things became heated quite quickly. It took a long time to cool down.

3) Have you been to Canberra before? What’s your favourite place to go/thing to do?
Not since it was founded in 1913. I was in the area in 1912 but I suspect a lot has changed.

4) What question do you always wish would get asked in interviews, but you’ve never been asked?
When did JM Barrie die?

5) And your answer to the above?
June 19th, 1937

See Peter Berner, like you have never seen him on TV, at the Canberra Comedy Festival!