1. Internationals

    Internationals Learn more

  2. Gala Web Sold Out

    Opening Night Gala: ENCORE! – SOLD OUT Learn more

  3. Fest Club Thum 438x438

    Late Night Festival Club! Learn more

  4. Street Performers

    Street Performers Learn more

  5. Byrne 438x438

    Jason Byrne in You Name The Show! Learn more

  6. Umbies 438x438

    The Umbilical Brothers – KiDSHoW (Not Suitable For Children) Learn more

  7. Akmal 438x438

    Akmal is LOST Learn more

  8. Urzila 438x438

    Urzila Carlson (RSA/NZ) – Poise Control Learn more

  9. Safran 438x438

    John Safran – Murder In Mississippi Learn more

  10. Naz 438x438

    Nazeem Hussain – Legally Brown Learn more

  11. Ronny 438x438

    Ronny Chieng – You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About Learn more

  12. Bane 438 x 438

    Bane Trilogy (UK) Learn more

  13. Cal 438x438

    Cal Wilson – Undercurrents Learn more

  14. Peter Helliar 438x438

    Peter Helliar – Totes Grouseballs Learn more

  15. Wil 438x438

    Wil Sylvince (USA) – Syllables, Fat, and Celibacy Learn more

  16. Tommy Little 438x438

    Tommy Little – Enter The Weapon Learn more

  17. Dave Thornton 438x438

    Dave Thornton – Spit & Polish Learn more

  18. SF 438x438

    Sparrow Folk – SuBIRDia Learn more

  19. Rhys 438x438

    Rhys Nicholson – Forward Learn more

  20. Cody 438x438

    Nick Cody – Beard Game Strong Learn more

  21. Sarah Kendall 438x438

    Sarah Kendall – A Day In October Learn more

  22. Chopper 438x438

    Heath Franklin’s Chopper – Repeat Offender Learn more

  23. Toby 438x438

    Toby Halligan – The Bad Gay Learn more

  24. SJandR 438x438

    An Evening With – Sammy J & Randy Learn more

  25. Raw 438x438

    RAW Comedy 2015 Learn more

  26. Sophie 438x438

    Sophie Rutzou – Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You Learn more

  27. Stevenson-Experience_438x438

    The Stevenson Experience – Who Dares Twins Learn more

  28. Matty Grey 438x438

    Matty Grey – Age-Less 2: Game On! Learn more

  29. DC 438x438

    Daniel Connell – The Get Out Stakes Learn more

  30. Dundas 438x438

    Shane Dundas – Believe Learn more

  31. Ellen 438x438

    Ellen Briggs – Dark Side of the Womb Learn more

  32. Josh and Riley 438x438

    Josh and Riley – Angry Fishermen Learn more

  33. Sean Woodland 438x438

    Sean Woodland – Found My Marbles Learn more

  34. Endrey 438x438

    Chris Endrey – The World Is A Playground Learn more

  35. Fraser 438x438

    Alice Fraser – Savage Learn more

  36. Cam 438x438

    Cam Knight – 100 Percenter Learn more

  37. Bensley 438x438

    Andrew and Danny Bensley – Brother From The Same Mother Learn more

  38. Luke 438x438

    Luke Heggie – You’re Not Special Learn more

  39. WebThumb

    Daniel Townes – Crash and Burn Learn more

  40. Harris Stuckey

    Harris Stuckey – Comedy Sounds Learn more

  41. Gala Web Sold Out

    Opening Night Gala – SOLD OUT Learn more

  42. Sold Out Mike

    Mike Wilmot (Canada) – Opening Night Gala Only! SOLD OUT Learn more