Mark Swivel – Alternative Prime Minister

Date and Time: Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 March 2018, 5:30pm
Venue: The Street Theatre, Street 2
Duration: 60 minutes
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Political Comedy. A slightly drunk TED talk. From Near Dead White Male Productions.

Who among us would be PM? No weekends, no job security, no…power. But with the position permanently vacant, it’s time for someone to step up. Is that someone, Mark Swivel? Probably not. He’s obviously unfit for public office, but that seems compulsory these days. Promising! His efforts to engage with politics as a young man were tragic – he is surely doomed to the fate of Kathy Worthington who, aged 9, everyone was sure was going to be PM. Didn’t happen. But Swivel is deluded and determined to get this country to, um, come together. Everyone from the pearl divers of Broome to the beard oil wholesalers of Braddon! A tough gig. But, people of Austraya, you can do it! Join Mark as he launches his killer Ten Point Plan for A Country Worth Living In, using nothing but Venn Diagrams and Hula Hoops. Fully costed and as thought-through as anything in AusPol since Fightback. All funded by a flag tax. You might end up in his cabinet. Warning: this is a bi partisan show (at least bi-curious partisan).

Absurd, timely, oddly inspiring. Good to be with you!

‘From politics to punctuation, pools and penis pumps, no topic is too random as he crafts together a very funny, but also surprisingly quite poignant show’
Meredith Walker, Blue Curtains Brisbane, on Swiv’s last show, Dad. Joke

$28.00 All Tickets